World of PTC Business School: By professionals, for professionals

CINET aims to provide a better understanding about different markets in the Professional Textile Care industry, to profile this PTC industry and to provide information for innovation and cooperation in research. In line with this aim, CINET services the global PTC industry with the compilation of a book series called the World of PTC. The fifth book is in preparation and will be launched at the Texcare International show in Frankfurt.

World of PTC Business School
The Word of PTC Business School is organized as a Start-Up in the global PTC (Professional Textile Care) industry. The business school is founded by CINET for extensive, up-to-date information including e-learning, training and certification.
With this platform CINET aims to provide easy accessible information worldwide that strengthens and accelerates the development of the PTC industry. 

World of PTC Book series
The input for the books came from CINET Liaison Officers, active support of member organizations worldwide and many esteemed PTC experts. As a result these books are: “by professionals for professionals and stakeholders to the PTC industry”. The books are part of an even more extended database, which CINET provides online on the website


Aim of ‘The World of PTC’

  • Profile the industry around the globe
  • Exchange information
  • Promote and stimulate professionalism in the textile care industry
  • Provide a platform to accelerate innovation

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